1. Introduction

Let's get started with creating your winning pitch!

Welcome to the course! You've chosen to give yourself the best chance to make a winning pitch to customers, investors or at a competition.

What you'll need during this course;

  • Post-It notes of at least two colours, and some marker pens
  • A space to put your Post-Its - ideally a Flipchart, but walls, windows and sheets of paper also work
  • A clear mind - switch off notifications and email, and get ready to get creative!
  • A notepad to keep a record of the most important points for you to remember, and put into action

And finally - you need Ambition! Believe you are as good as anyone else, and you CAN be a successful pitcher.

Here are the Exercise Files.

Along the way, you'll have some practical exercises to do. All those exercises are explained in separate short movies, and here you'll find them all in one pdf.

Brainstorm Presentations.pdf