Get the tech ready

One of the most irritating things for people attending an online presentation is when the tech doesn't work!

Dropped out sound, poor connections, people on mute when they should be heard... These are all common problems. You can overcome many of these and narrow the chances of things going wrong with a few small steps.

  1. Use headphones with a mic built in
    1. this will reduce background sound and any chance of that screaming Feedback sound!
    2. Also advise attendees to use headphones too.
    3. Try using compact instead of huge headphones!
  2. Do a tech check 15-30 minutes in advance
    1. Make sure the audio works and the video camera works
    2. See yourself on screen and make sure they will see you clearly.
    3. Check that the Share Screen function works.
  3. Ensure everyone is set to Mute when they enter the meeting
    1. This will make sure that there is not a lot of background chatter at the beginning of the session.
    2. You can usually set this in advance, in the settings of the meeting, or the general account settings. See the following short video for how to do that in Zoom.