Tidy Background, Camera Position

The height of the webcam can make a huge difference.

If the camera is lower than your eyes, it will feel like you are looking down on the audience. if you raise the webcam or place your computer on some books to raise the built in camera, you'll find you look more directly at people. It will give them more of a connection with you.

"Have you seen the monkey over your left shoulder?"

Well, it could happen. Most of us have offices in the smallest room in the house, which tends to get stuffed with things nobody wants any more - like the monkey your kid loved, but is now too old for...

What I'm getting at is - the background! The things behind you - are they the image you wish to project?

Ideally the background is clean and simple. However, it could be homely, books, or another part of everyday life. Here's what to do;

  1. Review the background by setting up a test meeting
  2. If there is anything at all distracting in the background, remove it.
  3. Make sure there is no ironing board (I had one in-shot for a couple of meetings before someone noticed!)

You can also have a virtual background in Zoom, MS Teams and Webex.

Here's a video to give a bit more insight into how much impact the background has on your online presentations and meetings.

And here's a fun look at the home office background! Created by of Jonathan Pie - check jonathanpie.com, he's absolutely hilarious (watch out for stronger language in some of his videos! All removed in this one :-) )

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