Learn The First 60 Seconds

I've spent 25 years looking for the best tools to help people manage their pitching nerves.

The reason? Because 25 years ago, I was terrified myself!

Back when I was just starting my career at Canon, I had to present for the first time. I burbled and mumbled my way through the opening, and it took for ever to get into the real content. I simply didn't have a plan to start the pitch with a bang.

After a couple of years, I realised how much stress I was putting myself under at the beginning of my pitches, and came up with a method to deal with those early nerves. I also shared this method with many others, and found it works for more than 90% of people.

It's all about the first 60 seconds!

What Action Can You Take Now?

For your next pitch or presentation, do the following;

  1. Write out the script for your first 60 seconds - around 140-150 words.
  2. Include every word you will say - including the polite stuff ("Welcome, good morning ladies and gentlemen, happy to be here..." etc). Get them into the story as quickly as possible.
  3. Memorise it thoroughly by saying it out loud again and again. You can't memorise in your head - you have to say it out loud.

Assess afterwards - did this help you? Was it the platform for a more calm and relaxed pitch?

Put this tool into action in your next pitch. It doesn't take long and you'll get the benefit in reduced nerves immediately!

Here's a story about how this 60-Second Nervebuster worked for one of my clients.