The Short Version of your recent Pitch Workshop, with Pitch Coach David Beckett

A reminder of the tools you learned, which you can use for every pitch you make in the future.

You've done the workshop - but what if you forget something?

That's sometimes the problem with training. You put tools into practice, and then forget when the business of daily work kicks in.

Here, you'll get a quick overview of the tools you worked with during the workshop. Short videos, PDFs of the slide exercises, and some bonus content too - it's all included in this short online course, available on desktop and mobile.


"David Beckett has coached many professionals and innovation teams in PwC - this course will help you shape your idea into a compelling story."

- Ilja Linnemeier

These tools have been thoroughly tested and proven with major corporates and innovative Startups. They are based on a combination of science, research, and real world experience of what works for real people.

The result - you take control and tell the story you really want to tell.

Your audience will see that you are a true professional - and you'll convince them to take action!

Your Instructor

David Beckett
David Beckett

David Beckett has coached 1600+ Startups to raise over €400 Million in investment. He's also trained over 25,000 professionals in 29 countries at major corporates, such as, Shell, Tata Consultancy Services and Amazon, helping them pitch for resources and new business. David's coached over 30 TEDx speakers; is the creator of The Pitch Canvas©; and is the author of the book Pitch To Win.

"I believe great ideas need a voice. My sole purpose is to help you shine, and ensure that your great ideas are heard - presenting online, or face to face."



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