10. Establish The Pain - Part One

Make the Pain you are solving crystal clear, and you have a platform for a great pitch!

If the problem you are solving is not clear, then it's hard for the investors, the jury out board members to understand the context of the product you've created.

This is the moment where you explain the WHY of your product. There is a problem out there in the world, and lots of people experience this pain in their real lives. That's WHY you've created this product.

There are lost of ways to describe the pain - but maybe more important is - what does the pain result in?

In the following movie, you'll hear more about why this matters, and how to establish why it matters to solve this pain for your customers. Then do the exercise to work on how you explain the problem you fix.

(And check out at the end of this page how two real Startups pitched the pain they were addressing.)

Exercise: Brainstorm the Pain

This movie walks you through the steps to get clarity on how to explain the problem you are solving.

Here are two examples of how successful Startups pitch the Pain they solve: first 24Sessions, and next StartMonday.